Fall 2020 CGS Magazine

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A couple of weeks ago we informed you that the CGS Board had approved Brooklin Fair as the venue for the 2021 Eastern National Goat Show. That show will be held in early June.

We are now confirming that the Western National will be held in Duncan, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island! The Cowichan Exhibition Grounds will be home base for three days of exciting events.

On Friday, July 23rd a Youth Show will take center stage.

On Saturday, July 24th the Nationals will be the center piece of the whole weekend.

On Sunday, July 25th two more sanctioned shows will be held at the same location!

Additional highlights will include an online silent auction; a goat art auction and wine and cheese on Saturday night and very special prizes including art, milk stands, a tack box and baskets of goodies.

Time to start planning!

For any and all details please contact Jaki Ayton at jakiayton@shaw.ca

REMINDER – 2021 East National Show Bids

CGS continues to accept bids for the 2021 East National Show. 

Deadline is September 30, 2020.

Full details on show management and delivery can be found in the Show Manual on the CGS website at www.goats.ca. Check under the SHOWS heading.

Please read all details of the manual, over and above the section on national show bids, to access the full details!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 is the deadline!

Heritage Livestock Canada Virtual Show

Heritage Livestock Canada will be holding a virtual show in the Fall of 2020, starting in October across all species (inclusive of poultry). This event is not only an opportunity to participate in judged shows, but also learn, have some fun and showcase goats as part of Canada’s agricultural heritage.

For the goat breeds listed with HLC and able to participate: heritagelivestock.net/breed-conservation-list. *Please note we welcome international participation of breeders with breeds listed as “critical”.

We will also be featuring conformation tips, information on CGS and the registration of purebred breeding stock.

For more details please go to Heritage Livestock Canada Virtual Show 2020 on Facebook and join the group for even more details and to pose questions,

or email: heritagelivestockvirtualshow@gmail.com.

Registration and Transfer of animals

A considerable amount of time is being invested, every week by CLRC dairy goat registry team members and CGS staff on a well-defined topic. That topic is: Registration and Transfer of animals that have been sold to other goat owners.

What is particularly unsettling about this matter is that the buyers are often new to the registered goat industry. And we are not talking a few weeks delay, we often encounter cases where six months or a year have passed since the date of transaction and the goats have left the farm of the seller.

CGS stands ready to aid and assist anyone who encounters challenges with understanding the registration/process or actually working the  process through. We are in daily or multiple times a day communication with our dairy goat team at CLRC. They are exceedingly helpful in explaining how they work with our CGS by-laws  to complete registry processing.

We were recently reminded of this fact:

“As per section 64 of the federal government Animal Pedigree Act the seller has up to six months to transfer papers. It is a legal offense not to transfer papers within that time frame and according to the Act, punishable up to $25,000. However; it is up to the buyer to pursue legal action. One option is for CGS to inform CLRC of cases where this requirement has been contravention and the seller/member put under suspension.”

If animals have been properly and fully paid for these is zero excuse for not getting registrations completed and transfers processed. Entirely too much time on the part of CGS and CLRC staff is being spent resolving such issues. The other side of this point is that with fewer exceptions CLRC will be able to process regular work more quickly. Time is money!

The bottom line is: We are here to help!!!!! Contact us!

As a wise person working for a breed association told a recalcitrant member: “We want to help you, you have  to want to help yourself!” And “the job’s not finished till the paperwork is done!” 

And yes, we may sound like a broken record on this point but we must radically reduce “the case load” on this topic!

Let us know how we can help!

Onward, ever onward!!!!

Who Does What?

One of the steps in learning about purebred registered goats in Canada is understanding the difference between Canadian Goat Society (CGS) and Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) functions.

CGS was established in 1917 and is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of the federal government. This status allows us to do certain processes based in our by-laws which require federal government approval. This status also places some restrictions on CGS and other breed associations in Canada.

CLRC was established in 1905 by the Department of Agriculture, and currently operates as a stand alone not-for-profit , corporate entity under the Animal Pedigree Act of Agriculture, Agri-food Canada. CLRC is a service organization, performing registry work processing on behalf of over fifty (50) breeds associations. As one of these Associations, CGS contracts CLRC to perform work on our behalf. This work includes processing of registrations and transfers of ownership of animals, processing new and the renewal of memberships for members, registration of herd names and tattoo combinations, processing genomic requests, and a long list of less common processes.

CLRC assigns dedicated staff Registrars to process all goat work for CGS following the by-laws and directives of the Association. CLRC collects fees from breeders according to the CGS fee schedule, and in turn charges CGS for the work according to the CLRC Fee Schedule.

CGS sets standards for awards, genetic evaluations, milk recording, classificatiin for body conformation, shows. The Association administers show sanctions, represents our membership at industry meetings and on industry committees and provides members and prospective members with information re genetics.

Should you have a question regarding registry work it is usually best to contact CLRC first. CLRC are in virtually daily contact with CGS and vice versa.

CLRC’s website is at www.clrc.ca .

CGS ‘s website is at www.goats.ca

Bottom line is: If you have a question about your goat owning experience and particularly the purebred genetics side of the business let us know.

CLRC staff may eventually direct you to CGS, and vice versa, depending upon the nature of your questions. Then again we may direct you to another partner within the industry.

We are here to help!

Your success with registered goats is our goal!




Prompt Transfers of Ownership & Bills of Sale

Comments re transfers and bills of sale!

As we ponder the inflow of calls and emails and messages we receive from members, and prospective members and staff at CLRC a prominent theme emerges! The matter is having purebred, registered animals transferred to their new owners PROMPTLY after sale and delivery.

This brings us to the matter of bills of sale. Every sale of breeding stock and commercial animals should be accompanied by a bill of sale outlining animals involved, their status, responsibilities of the buyer and seller, exceptions and qualifiers, etc.

In working with new and prospective members we find the whole matter of having animals properly and promptly transferred into their name is a very common point of request for help.

We are in constant contact with staff at CLRC so can always work with them to determine the exact and precise status of work in process. This would go beyond what you can see in the Manage My Account function. For that matter anyone can contact CLRC staff and receive  up to the minute updates. A key point is that CLRC staff cannot process something that has not arrived.

We have also learned that there can be lags between the time CLRC staff request additional  pieces of information and when they receive a reply. CLRC can only complete processing when they have “the rest of these story” as in ALL of the story.

Do you want to be known as a reputable breeder of Livestock?

Do you want your marketing program to yield and reap repeat business?

Do you want a great reputation for product and after sales service? 

Then please conclude work on sales promptly!

We realize payment in full by the buyer is essential but, once the buyer has done all that is expected of them, it is only fair and just to expect the same of the seller. Every situation is unique. Customer service is paramount to future success!

Thoughts on a regularly arising topic!

We are here to help, as is the team at CLRC, if we can!

We realize paperwork has few fans so why not resolve it so you can smile and say, DONE!?

2021 East National Show Bids

CGS continues to accept bids for the 2021 East National Show. 

Deadline is September 30, 2020.

Full details on show management and delivery can be found in the Show Manual on the CGS website at www.goats.ca. Check under the SHOWS heading.

Please read all details of the manual, over and above the section on national show bids, to access the full details!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 is the deadline!