Report of March 2021 Board Meeting

Both before and at the February 20th board meeting members expressed an interest in reporting of actions at CGS Board of Directors meetings.

The board welcomed this interest and is now beginning a process of reporting after each meeting. Here is the first Board meeting report prepared by President Sandy Howell. After each regular Board meeting a member of the Board will provide a report of discussion and decisions at each meeting.

Report prepared by President Sandy Howell, who is also director from British Columbia.

CGS Board Meeting held via Zoom March 19, 2021

Meeting called to order 8:37 pm EST.

Opening comments by President Sandy Howell  discussion on milk recording/ testing-focus:   ways of getting more members to participate.  Sandy Howell and Catherine Lord are going to create a working paper of proposals for the Board.

Business arising from minutes of three Board meetings in February, prior to the Annual Meeting:

Discussion on overdrafts at CLRC, resulting form submission of insufficient funds to cover the costs of the registration, transfer, membership, etc. e.g. taxes or miscalculation of fees ending in CLRC collecting accounts receivable from members and clients. Earlier this year CGS wrote off several hundred dollars on very aged accounts receivable at CLRC. ( These were from 2015 and earlier and clients are no longer active in the industry. Also a number of accounts under $3.00-most under $1.50 from December 2019 and earlier were written off.   Decision was made to notify CLRC that we will no longer accept overdrafts of any amount and this has been actioned.   Consequently, if enough money isn’t sent in to cover the cost of work being done members/clients will no longer receive their work until bill paid. No more overdrafts.  Suggestion is that members either do e-transfer or credit card transactions, if at all possible.

An In Camera session was held.

Reports on:

Office move is completed.  The office in Guelph has been closed due to the covid pandemic and moved to the Secretary/Manager’s residence.

Barry Van Camp is the representative for the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair Board of Governors.

Financial statements to the end of February were reviewed.

New Business:

  • Discussion if non-members and suspended members can participate in CGS programs.  In order to participate in Milk Test and Classification participants are to be CGS members.  Suspended members and non-members can participate in shows.  A suspended member or non-member does not receive any CGS awards.
  • CLRC AGM is April 24th and will be a zoom meeting and the CGS Reps will be Callum McLeod, Ed Cavanagh and Chris Grab.
  • East National Show that was to be held at Brooklin Spring Fair. This fair has been cancelled for 2021. The opportunity to host the East National is now being offered to the Royal.
  • Deadline for submission of applications to host a National show has been changed to a July 1 of the year previous.  
  • Steering Committee re Grant Application to Government reports that we should know by April 1st. This grant would provide funding to establish integrated databases within the small ruminant sector of the industry.
  • Judges extension of license for 2021:  letter will be going out to Judges regarding extensions at no fee for 2021.  Callum and Ed are looking at putting a webinar review together, as a refresher for judges.
  • News Letter: An issue to go out soon with a pull out, asking people if they want access to the Newsletter/ Quarterly on line or in hard copy by mail.  The response will be returned to office.
  • Classification:  Meeting was held with Holstein Canada in early March and we are waiting for Holstein Canada to reply.
  • Breeding Records:  Board members were asked to submit their breeding records, four sets have been received to date. When those are all in the membership, with one member randomly selected by computer software from each district, will be asked to submit breeding records for the most recent year. This process is an option within the by-laws of CGS.   

Meeting adjourned at 10:02 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Annual Report of CGS

Reports presented at the 2021 AGM of CGS on February 20, 2021 have now been loaded under the heading ANNUAL REPORT OF CGS (AGM2021) in the INFO AND LINKS section of this website. Included are minutes of the 2021 AGM, reports from Directors, Committees and the Secretary-Manager and a review of Canadian National Goat Federation actions during 2020.

We commend these documents to your review and study.

2020 was a year of growth and progress and we look froward to much more of the same in 2021!

New Members Package of Valuable Information Posted

A package for new CGS members and those new to the world of goat keeping has been created by the Board of directors of CGS.

This package can be found in the INFO & LINKS section of this website.

There is a wealth of valuable information in this document which will assist members with registering and caring for their animals and participating in CGS programs for genetic improvement and marketing of their animals.

We invite newer goat owners to review this package. CGS is here to answer any questions stimulated by studying the material in it.

And feel free to direct any new goat owners to the overall website and this particular package.

Direct Link:


Adjustment to CGS Fee Schedule

In mid-November the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation informed their member associations that the unit charge for processing registry work was increasing by 2%.

The Board of each member organization thus had to consider how they would respond to this news.

In late 2019 member associations were informed that the unit charge for processing work at CLRC was increasing by 17%. This provoked a detailed examination of the CGS fee schedule and some noticeable adjustments to fees were made.

The CGS Board carefully considered the latest news of the 2% fee increase from CLRC.

Their decision was to implement a very modest increase in fees, as of January 2021, to ensure that CGS was staying ahead of increased processing costs.

They prefer this route to periodic larger increases in fees.

CGS worked with CLRC to review proposed changes to allow CLRC time to program the changes and update our fee schedule.  

Any registry work submitted electronically or mailed by December 31st will be processed based on the current fee schedule.

Work submitted electronically, or mailed, on or after January 1, 2021 will be processed based on the new fee schedule.

Should you have any questions please contact your local director or the CGS office.   

The fee schedule will be available on the CGS website at under INFO and LINKS or via the CLRC website at and on the CGS page under Associations.

CGS’ Board is determined to operate the association on a businesslike basis.


CGS Hours of Operation Weeks of December 21st and December 28th

Week of December 21st

We will be available via email and by phone all week until noon on December 24th

Week of December 28th

 We will be available Monday the 28th, Tuesday the 29th, Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st from 8:30 am Eastern till noon Eastern. Regular hours: 8:30 am Eastern till 4:30 pm Eastern on the first three days.

We wish all members and clients a wonderful Christmas and a great launch into 2021!

Draft Code of Practice for Care and Handling of Goats is Released

On Friday, December 18th a draft version of the national code of practice for care and handling of goats was released. Release of the draft version of the code represents a huge step forward in updating and enhancing the existing code of practice which was released in 2003.

Goat producers representing the meat, dairy and fibre aspects of goat production were involved in an enormous amount of work creating this draft. They were joined in their work by industry partner experts in animal health and care. We are posting the draft version along with this notice.

The time has arrived for YOU to make your comments about the draft. The comment period is open until February 22, 2021.

The CGS Board encourages all goat owners to study the draft code. If you have any comments on any aspect/aspects of the code please do so.

It is very simple to both access the code online and to provide your input. Simply click on this link and follow the instructions:

Just click on the red box on the top right of the screen and it will take you to the survey page where you can enter your comments.

This is a very important development for the all segments of the goat industry in Canada. We strongly encourage you to review the draft and make any and all comments you regard as appropriate.


Link to the Draft Code of Practice

Great News to Celebrate!

Here’s a hot off of the press update on how registry work, processed on our behalf at CLRC, looks at the end of November-compared to end of November 2019 and all of 2019!


17% above the end of November 2019!
3% above all of 2019!


44% above the end of November 2019!
23% above all of 2019 already!!!!

3.5% above end of November last year and all of 2019!


40% and 43% above all of 2019! Yes, 40% more than all of 2019! Building for the future!

Looking forward to full year end comparisons!


Membership renewal notices for 2021 are sent!

CGS has received notice from CLRC that the first mailing set of membership renewal notices was sent Friday, December 4th.

These renewal notices were sent, at the request of CGS, to every current member who has a valid email address on file with CLRC.

If you received one of these email notices we encourage you to respond as soon as possible. The more responses that are received at CLRC over the next two weeks the smaller the number of paper/hard copy renewal notices have to be distributed in the second send of notices. Rapid response, will, thus, significantly reduce the overall cost to CGS of sending notices.

In this way everyone wins, you have a task done and dusted and are ready for 2021 activity. CGS has lower costs and growing income!

2020 membership numbers  were up approximately 5% over 2019 totals so business is trending in exactly the right direction!

Let’s keep growth happening and efficiency rising!

Seeking Contact Information for Provincial/Regional Goat Associations

CGS is actively seeking information on contacts, addresses, links for websites, etc. for provincial or regional goat associations that deal with purebred goat matters.

In the past we have published a listing of associations in the Quarterly magazine.

Examples of relevant associations have included:

  • Alberta Goat Association
  • Alberta Mohair Producers
  • The Angora Breeders Association in Quebec
  • British Columbia Goat Association
  • Canadian Cashmere Producers Association  
  • Canadian Meat Goat Association
  • Canadian National Goat federation
  • Goat Association of Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba Goat Association   
  • New Brunswick Goat Breeders Assoc.
  • Saskatchewan Goat Breeders
  • S.E.C. L.R.Q.  in Quebec
  • American Dairy Goat Association
  • 4-H Canada

And other relevant associations could be included.

If you would like your provincial association included in a list for the CGS website and CGS publications please forward an email with full details to

We look forward to hearing from progressive associations who would like to have a listing!


Let’s rev up the information flow!