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The Oberhasli, the most recent herdbook to join the CGS registry, had been classed with the Alpine for many years until American breeders undertook to separate out the animals previously called “Swiss Alpines”. There were four types of alpines under the same ADGA herdbook with separate herdbooks kept for each: the Rock, British, Swiss and French.

Oberhasli are strikingly coloured; the does may be red-bay as illustrated or pure black, but bucks must have the red “chamoisé” colouring. No significant amount of white is allowed in the coat. Ears are upright, the face dished or straight.

Breed Standards:

Erect ears.  Colour must be Bay (ie. reddish brown or blood-bay ranging from light to deep red with the latter most desirable) with black markings such as facial stripes, forehead, dorsal stripe, martingale and belly: udder gray or black. (Black does permitted but will be identified with “black” as a suffix to their registered name).

Minimum Height at Withers  and  Minimum Weight

Doe 28″ / 71 cm.  120 lbs. /54.54 kg.

Buck 30″ / 76 cm.  150 lbs. / 68.18 kg.



*Pendulous ears

*Black Bucks

*Large white spot in hair (more than 1 1/2″ in any direction)

*Any colour other than bay in bucks

*Any colour other than bay or black in does