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The Nubian is the product of many years’ development in Britain, where imported African Nubian goats and Indian Jamnapari were crossed with dairy breeds until a consistent breed character was attained. The Roman nose, long ears and colourful coats are very popular with breeders, as is the high fat milk for which the breed is known.

Nubians in Canada are fairly hardy animals, and withstand cold well as long as they are kept in dry, draft-free, well bedded quarters.

Breed Standards:

Pendulous ears and convex profile

Minimum Height at Withers  and   Minimum Weight

Doe  30″ / 76 cm.      135 lbs. / 61.36 kg.

Buck  32″ / 81 cm.      170 lb. / 77.27 kg.



*Dished face

*Upright ears