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The Toggenburg has been a recognized purebred breed in Canada since 1917, having come from the Toggenburg Valley in Europe where the breed is centuries old. The goats are generally smaller than other Swiss breeds, but can be just as productive. They are widely known as good winter milkers.

The colour pattern of the Toggenburg is strictly enforced: a solid brown coat with white stripes on the face, white triangular patch on either side of the tail, and white below hocks and knees. No white spots of significant size are allowed.

Breed Standards:

Erect ears.  Colour must be a shade of fawn or brown with white or cream colour markings (white preferred) such as facial stripes: outline of ear: below knees and hocks and inside the top of the legs: and a triangle on each side of tail base.  White spot may be present at the point of elbow and at root of wattles or where wattles would be.  A dark vertical line may be present below the knees.  Does which are black with Toggenburg markings are permitted but will be identified with “black” as a suffix to their registered name.

Minimum Height at Withers   and  Minimum Weight

Doe 26″ /66 cm.   120 lbs./54.45 kg.

Buck 28″ / 71 cm.  150 lbs /68.18 kg.



*Pendulous ears

*Tricolour or Piebald

*Black bucks

*White stomach, except on British Toggenburgs

*Large white spot in hair (more than 1-1/2″ in any direction.