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Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf goats have been developed as miniature dairy goats in North America. The mature buck is a maximum of 23 inches high at the withers; does can be no taller than 22 inches. Ears are erect, the facial profile is straight, and all colours and combinations are allowed, although the pygmy “agouti” pattern is seriously faulted.

Breed  Standards:

Erect ears and a straight face.  A Nigerian may be “polled”.  Any colour or combination of colours is allowed however, it is a serious fault to have “agouti” colouration (agouti defined as the hair banded with a main colour and a lighter colour.)

It is also a very serious fault if the animals do not conform to the body measurement chart shown below:

24 months: Male or Female height at Withers:  22″ / 55.85 cm.

30 months: Male maximum height at Withers: 23″ / 58.4 cm.

30 months: Female: maximum height at Withers: 22″ / 55.85 cm.




*Convex or dished profile

*Pendulous ears.