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The Angora is unique in its hair coat, which is referred to as mohair. The lustrous, curly locks grow at around one inch per month, and are sheared twice a year. Breeding programs aim at high weight of hair production, small fibre diameter, and structural soundness in the breeding stock.

Horns are not removed from Angora kids. Bucks, as illustrated, grow a rack of horns that generally spread and twist outward at the ends, while does’ horns are more simply curved.

There is no Special Registry for Angoras. When an Angora is bred to any other breed, mohair characteristics disappear; even after many generations using purebred Angora sires, the hair coat is unacceptably kempy.

Breed Standards:

Pendulous ears: no colour other than white.  Animals may, however appear light grey in colour because the oils in the skin make dust particles stick to the hair.  Animals must be horned.



*Completely blue or black horns or hooves.

*Sheepy fleece

*Excessive kemp, more then a total of 24 square inches.