Registration and Transfer of animals

A considerable amount of time is being invested, every week by CLRC dairy goat registry team members and CGS staff on a well-defined topic. That topic is: Registration and Transfer of animals that have been sold to other goat owners.

What is particularly unsettling about this matter is that the buyers are often new to the registered goat industry. And we are not talking a few weeks delay, we often encounter cases where six months or a year have passed since the date of transaction and the goats have left the farm of the seller.

CGS stands ready to aid and assist anyone who encounters challenges with understanding the registration/process or actually working the  process through. We are in daily or multiple times a day communication with our dairy goat team at CLRC. They are exceedingly helpful in explaining how they work with our CGS by-laws  to complete registry processing.

We were recently reminded of this fact:

“As per section 64 of the federal government Animal Pedigree Act the seller has up to six months to transfer papers. It is a legal offense not to transfer papers within that time frame and according to the Act, punishable up to $25,000. However; it is up to the buyer to pursue legal action. One option is for CGS to inform CLRC of cases where this requirement has been contravention and the seller/member put under suspension.”

If animals have been properly and fully paid for these is zero excuse for not getting registrations completed and transfers processed. Entirely too much time on the part of CGS and CLRC staff is being spent resolving such issues. The other side of this point is that with fewer exceptions CLRC will be able to process regular work more quickly. Time is money!

The bottom line is: We are here to help!!!!! Contact us!

As a wise person working for a breed association told a recalcitrant member: “We want to help you, you have  to want to help yourself!” And “the job’s not finished till the paperwork is done!” 

And yes, we may sound like a broken record on this point but we must radically reduce “the case load” on this topic!

Let us know how we can help!

Onward, ever onward!!!!

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