Who Does What?

One of the steps in learning about purebred registered goats in Canada is understanding the difference between Canadian Goat Society (CGS) and Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) functions.

CGS was established in 1917 and is incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of the federal government. This status allows us to do certain processes based in our by-laws which require federal government approval. This status also places some restrictions on CGS and other breed associations in Canada.

CLRC was established in 1905 by the Department of Agriculture, and currently operates as a stand alone not-for-profit , corporate entity under the Animal Pedigree Act of Agriculture, Agri-food Canada. CLRC is a service organization, performing registry work processing on behalf of over fifty (50) breeds associations. As one of these Associations, CGS contracts CLRC to perform work on our behalf. This work includes processing of registrations and transfers of ownership of animals, processing new and the renewal of memberships for members, registration of herd names and tattoo combinations, processing genomic requests, and a long list of less common processes.

CLRC assigns dedicated staff Registrars to process all goat work for CGS following the by-laws and directives of the Association. CLRC collects fees from breeders according to the CGS fee schedule, and in turn charges CGS for the work according to the CLRC Fee Schedule.

CGS sets standards for awards, genetic evaluations, milk recording, classificatiin for body conformation, shows. The Association administers show sanctions, represents our membership at industry meetings and on industry committees and provides members and prospective members with information re genetics.

Should you have a question regarding registry work it is usually best to contact CLRC first. CLRC are in virtually daily contact with CGS and vice versa.

CLRC’s website is at www.clrc.ca .

CGS ‘s website is at www.goats.ca

Bottom line is: If you have a question about your goat owning experience and particularly the purebred genetics side of the business let us know.

CLRC staff may eventually direct you to CGS, and vice versa, depending upon the nature of your questions. Then again we may direct you to another partner within the industry.

We are here to help!

Your success with registered goats is our goal!




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