Prompt Transfers of Ownership & Bills of Sale

Comments re transfers and bills of sale!

As we ponder the inflow of calls and emails and messages we receive from members, and prospective members and staff at CLRC a prominent theme emerges! The matter is having purebred, registered animals transferred to their new owners PROMPTLY after sale and delivery.

This brings us to the matter of bills of sale. Every sale of breeding stock and commercial animals should be accompanied by a bill of sale outlining animals involved, their status, responsibilities of the buyer and seller, exceptions and qualifiers, etc.

In working with new and prospective members we find the whole matter of having animals properly and promptly transferred into their name is a very common point of request for help.

We are in constant contact with staff at CLRC so can always work with them to determine the exact and precise status of work in process. This would go beyond what you can see in the Manage My Account function. For that matter anyone can contact CLRC staff and receive  up to the minute updates. A key point is that CLRC staff cannot process something that has not arrived.

We have also learned that there can be lags between the time CLRC staff request additional  pieces of information and when they receive a reply. CLRC can only complete processing when they have “the rest of these story” as in ALL of the story.

Do you want to be known as a reputable breeder of Livestock?

Do you want your marketing program to yield and reap repeat business?

Do you want a great reputation for product and after sales service? 

Then please conclude work on sales promptly!

We realize payment in full by the buyer is essential but, once the buyer has done all that is expected of them, it is only fair and just to expect the same of the seller. Every situation is unique. Customer service is paramount to future success!

Thoughts on a regularly arising topic!

We are here to help, as is the team at CLRC, if we can!

We realize paperwork has few fans so why not resolve it so you can smile and say, DONE!?

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