Seeking Contact Information for Provincial/Regional Goat Associations

CGS is actively seeking information on contacts, addresses, links for websites, etc. for provincial or regional goat associations that deal with purebred goat matters.

In the past we have published a listing of associations in the Quarterly magazine.

Examples of relevant associations have included:

  • Alberta Goat Association
  • Alberta Mohair Producers
  • The Angora Breeders Association in Quebec
  • British Columbia Goat Association
  • Canadian Cashmere Producers Association  
  • Canadian Meat Goat Association
  • Canadian National Goat federation
  • Goat Association of Nova Scotia
  • Manitoba Goat Association   
  • New Brunswick Goat Breeders Assoc.
  • Saskatchewan Goat Breeders
  • S.E.C. L.R.Q.  in Quebec
  • American Dairy Goat Association
  • 4-H Canada

And other relevant associations could be included.

If you would like your provincial association included in a list for the CGS website and CGS publications please forward an email with full details to

We look forward to hearing from progressive associations who would like to have a listing!


Let’s rev up the information flow!

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