The meeting took place on June 13, 2022 via Zoom.

Six board members, Sandy Howell, Chris Grab, Susan Frazer, Tanya  McCarthy, Jonathan Dugdale and Arnold Steeves. Regrets were received from Raynald Dube.  


Topics discussed and motions made and passed during the meeting included:


  • A report of an upcoming meeting of classifiers and trainees at Howcroft Farm in Ontario took place. The goals of the meeting would be to have classifiers work together with the classification program and on evaluation of animals so that consistency in evaluations was constantly improving. As part of the discussion regarding classification a request was made to determine if enough data had been collected on research traits thurl placement and locomotion for them to be considered as official traits, part of calculation of final scores. This request would be made to the company responsible for creation of genetic evaluations, the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement (CCSI). In addition CCSI staff would be asked about a question which had arisen about prospects for introduction of genetic evaluations for Nigerian Dwarf goats.     
  • A motion was made and carried to add directors Chris Grab and Tanya McCarthy as additional administrators for the CGS Facebook page.
  • The matter of an ongoing review of CGS by-laws was discussed. Notice was provided that the Animal Registration Officer at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada had indicated that he was creating guidelines for associations on appropriate content and wording for by-laws and also guidance on what topics were more appropriate for inclusion in association’s policies and procedures documents. The CGS President indicated she would contact the ARO for an update on progress on this valuable work.
  • A motion was made and carried that the 2023 Annual General Meeting of CGS be held in British Columbia.  Likely time frame for the meeting would be February.
  • The Board approved a motion supporting the presentation of an award in memory of the late Keith Van Camp of Blackstock, Ontario. The award will be known as the Honourable Mention award. The Judge will select a doe that best displays a combination of exceptional dairy strength and overall correct conformation. The award is sponsored by Mr. Van Camp’s family.
  • A report of a small ruminant industry meeting with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on import regulation changes with regard to scrapie disease, held earlier on the day of the meeting was provided and received.
  • CGS has consistently working with members and buyers and sellers of goats to ensure that proper processes are being followed regarding registration and transfer of ownership of animals in alignment with CGS by-laws and the animal pedigree act. This work has been undertaken to ensure the integrity of the CGS herd book. During the meeting steps to collect information in specific cases to aid ongoing investigations were taken.







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