This meeting took place on July 12th and was held via Zoom.

Present: Sandy Howell, President; Chris Grab; Arnold Steeves, Tanya McCarthy, Jonathan Dugdale.

Regrets: Raynald Dube; Susan Frazer.


After reviewing the agenda and minutes of the previous Board meeting attention turned to a review of CGS finances. The association has a significant amount of money in its regular operating bank accounts, partially due to the fact that classification work had just started the week before the meeting and so classification expenses to that point were minimal. In addition income from registry work processed at CLRC has been very strong and their a tight controls on expenses.  The association has also been able to rebuild reserves over the past year.            


Staff were asked to contact Holstein Canada regarding the devices that that company uses for collecting classification data.


Processing of results from one day milk testing was up to date at the time of the meeting and a wave of show results was expected at meeting time.


Their was discussion about development of an expanded program to certify classifiers. A review of scheduling for classification work, that had just started at the time of the meeting, was presented.


Ongoing work on registry matters was reviewed and discussed and plans made for next steps in the work with a target of maintaining integrity of the herd book and completing individual projects. The association has mechanisms to assist both sellers and buyers with completing registry work. CGS works regularly with staff of CLRC who process our registry work to assist members with questions and challenges with registrations, transfers and related work.


-Dates for the 2023 Annual General Meeting in British Columbia have been narrowed down to February 18th or the 25th.


-A report was received that staff at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada are working on a document providing guidance to breed associations like CGs re content of by-laws and what topics must be addressed in by-laws and how to address them.


The Board reviewed applications for the hosting of CGS West and East National Shows in 2023. Via motions the Board accepted the application to hold the 2023 West National Show in Edmonton, Alberta during K Days in July and an application from the Royal Agricultural Winter fair to host the 2023 East National in November of next year.


The next regularly scheduled Board meeting will take place in mid-September.

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