OMAFRA Webinar on Genetic Improvement Programs

Recently the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs sponsored a series of four webinars on goat topics with a particular emphasis on genetic improvement.

CGS will eventually have access to recordings of these webinars.   

Herewith we present copies of two presentations that were presented in one of the four webinars.

The presenters in this webinar were Brian Sullivan, Manager of the Canadian Center for Swine Improvement (CCSI) and Callum McLeod, CGS Director. CCSI is responsible for working with CCSI to manage genetic evaluations for dairy goats in Canada.

Both of these people went to a lot of work to create their presentations.

Please enjoy and profit from studying these presentations and if you have questions or comments please direct them to National directors of CGS or the CGS office.

We’ll let you know when the recordings are accessible!

CGS Classification Presentation OMAFRA

OMAFRA Presentation Canadian Dairy Goat Genetic Evaluation Program

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