CGS Registry Work Year to Date (End of July 2021)

Breaking news that will have you breaking out in smiles!
Thanks to Jack, an IT whiz at CLRC we now have access to activity levels for CGS registry work to the end of July 2021.
Crunching data for comparison to 2020 year to date (YTD) stats has been a great joy!
Here’s the lowdown:
Registrations: Down 19.3% YTD!
Where, oh where is the good news in this?
Well a very few months ago registrations were down well over 30% compared to the same period last year. So, we’re gaining!
Our tabs on income on our bank account at Ottawa and comments from the CGS registry team at CLRC indicate that work is flowing in at a great rate and being processed at a good clip now too!
UNITS: Overall we are down 5% from the YTD stats in 2020 and no surprise given the drop in registration processing in early 2021. Thankfully it is less of a drop than it has been in recent months! Heading the right way, recently!
TRANSFERS: On the other hand this aspect of our business is up over 7% from 2020. Quite the feat given that 2020 was a year of strong growth in transfer numbers!
MEMBERSHIPS: Again, growth city! Up 11.7% over 2020 YTD. With only 7 months in we have exceeded the 2020 year end total by a few percent and 14 memberships!!! That’s right higher than all of last year, already!
Not surprisingly we have racked up the third best year in the last two decades and are within kissing distance of the second best year in the last two decades!! Whooweee!
Up 26% , yes, over a quarter, well over 100!
Closing in on the total for all of 2020!
Herd names up 15.7% and tattoo combo registrations up 14.4% YTD!
And both over 100!
Looking forward to continued growth!

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