Report of the Canadian Goat Society Board of Directors Meeting October 2021


Sandy Howell, President; Susan Frazer; Ed Cavanagh; Arnie Steeves; Callum McLeod.

Staff: Russell Gammon.


Catherine Lord; Karen Cavanagh.

President Howell called the meeting to order.

After the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting were approved the following topics were discussed as flowing from the minutes of the previous meeting and recent discussions:

Onboarding new Board members; CGS cooperation with Heritage Livestock Canada on the genetic diversity within breed populations project and the need to stimulate more action on this initiative; thanks to Karen Cavanagh for her report on the September meeting; how important it is for members; staff and board members, everyone involved with the Society to make public comments that are informative; helpful; encouraging and constructive and professional as opposed to hurtful and demeaning and standards of acceptability.

Ed Cavanagh will wordsmith wording for a motion regarding registry status of foreign animals exhibited in CGS National Shows.

CGS will gladly send a letter in support of the Alberta Goat Association’s bid to host the 2026 International Goat Association Conference in Alberta. This bid will be made in 2022.

The Secretary-Manager’s report included a lengthy, and ever growing, listing of projects in process at CGS. Financial performance continues to be well ahead of projections based on solid income at CLRC re registry processing and strict controls on cost of actions. A reserve fund, newly established in 2021  remains untouched and balances in both chequing and savings accounts are sufficient to support ongoing actions with a buffer zone over and above.

The next annual meeting will be held on Saturday, February 19, 2022 in virtual format by zoom. Notice of meeting will appear in a newsletter to be distributed in December 2021.

Work is ongoing re revisions to the CGS by-laws, CGS participation in a fast-moving project to integrate small ruminant databases for genetics and related topics.

Some discussion ensured re CGS approved Judges Licensing conferences for 2022 since they did not occur in 2021. The target is to hold two CGS approved conferences, one in Eastern Canada  and one in Western Canada. Deadline for applications to host a conference will be due by January 31, 2022. Work in ongoing on adjusting documentation re bid applications.

The Board also invested time discussing CGS registry service and how improvements can be integrated.

Next Board meeting will take place in the latter part of  November 2021.

Meeting adjourned two hours and fifteen minutes after commencement.

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