This meeting took the form of Zoom call on March 15, 2022.

The following topics were addressed:

-Determination of a resource for parliamentary procedure for CGS meetings.

-Confirmation of the Executive Committee for CGS for 2022 President Sandy Howell; First Vice-President Susan Frazer; Second Vice-President: Chris Grab.

-Given the resignation of Quebec director Catherine Lord the Board addressed filling the vacancy. A motion was approved to contact all current CGS members in Quebec to solicit expressions of interest in filling the Board position. ( Quebec members were contacted very soon after the meeting.)

-Nomination of a panel of Ed Cavanagh, Coordinator; Eugenia Carnegie and Lorraine Keeping for the JLC West in May was approved.

-The Board approved sending of invoices for renewal of licenses for 2022/2023 for all Judges on the official list with a deadline for payment by April 15, 2022.

-The Board determined that there is need for a full review of the Policy and Procedure manual for Judges Licensing Conferences. Chris Grab and Jonathan Dugdale were asked to lead the review.

-Further work on determining a roster of classifiers and trainees for classification and work to ensure uniformity in performance of classifiers took place.

-The Board approved a motion to expand our reserve/investment fund by a further $5,000.

-The Board engaged in a discussion about expanding education for buyers and sellers of purebred, registered breeding stock so that all requirements of the CGS by-laws and the Animal Pedigree Act are met.

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