This meeting was held in mid-February prior to the CGS AGM.

Highlights of the meeting:

-President Sandy Howell expressed thanks to Callum McLeod, Karen Cavanagh and Ed Cavanagh for their service on the Board during their terms in office.

Howell also welcomed three new members to the Board-Chris Grab from Alberta, Tanya McCarthy and Jonathan Dugdale both from Ontario.

-All Board members provided an introduction including a recounting of their experiences working with goats and with other organizations and boards.

-The 2021 financial statements, reviewed by our chosen accounting firm, were approved. In 2020 the margin of revenue over expenses had been $2127 while in 2021 the same margin was $31,050. During the year a reserve/investment fund of $30,000 had been established.         

-Topics addressed during the meeting were the on-going review of by-laws and work that had been done with Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, the re-launch of classification in 2022, ongoing review of options for registry services either through an updating of the system used by our current service provider or investigation of other options, publishing of a high quality Yearbook of accomplishments at the end of 2022, ideas on establishing a CGS Youth Recognition program, approval of a budget for 2022, approval of an application to host a Judges Licensing Conference in Alberta in mid-May 2022, work on a proposal for a Judges Licensing Conference in Ontario during 2022.

The Board approved naming Barry Van Camp of Blackstock, Ontario as the CGS nominee to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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