• The CGS Eastern Judges Licensing Conference will take place in mid-October in the Hamilton, Ontario region.

The Judges Licensing Conferences (JLCs) allow current judges to retain their status or to advance to a higher level of status. They also offer an opportunity for new people to acquire their first license as a judge. Furthermore any CGS member who wishes to learn more about evaluation of animals and the process of judging can audit the conference and gain a valuable education.

Here are details about the 2022 Eastern JLC:   


Logistical information as provided by the organizers. Ed Cavanagh is the Coordinator for this conference.  

Dates: Friday, October 14th, Saturday, October 15th and Sunday October 16th.

Start times will be 10am.

Friday (all day), Saturday AM –  Ancaster Fairgrounds, 630 Trinity Road South, Jerseyville, Ontario.

Saturday (PM) and Sunday Howcroft Farms, c/o Grant Howley, 406 Mines Road in Caledonia, Ontario

  • Friday will be a review of the program.
  • Saturday AM will be the written portion of the exam.
  • Saturday PM will be hands on judging practice.
  • Sunday AM will be the oral portion of the exam.

Tanya McCarthy’s cell is: 905-920-3987 in case anyone has challenges finding the sites.

For current Licensed Judges to participate the renewal of your CGS Licensing fee will need to be paid to the Canadian Goat Society via either etransfer to info@goats.ca or by cheque paid to

Canadian Goat Society and mailed to P.O. Box 31084 Willow West, Guelph, Ontario N1H 8K1.

Renewals are $150.00 plus the appropriate sales tax in your province. In Ontario the HST is $19.50 making a total of  $169.50.

Once renewed your fee for the conference is paid along with your license fee to judge CGS sanctioned shows being renewed for 2023 and 2024. You will also have to renew your CGS membership each year and participate in the 2022 JLC as outlined below.

Fees for auditing the JLC are $75.00 per person plus appropriate sales tax in your province. Payment can be made by etransfer to info@goats.ca or to the address above by cheque.  


Should you have any questions about logistics please contact CGS at info@goats.ca or 226-332-3166 



With regard to expectations for attendance please see the following paragraphs from the CGS Judges Licensing Conference Policies and Procedures Manual found on the CGS website at www.goats.ca

AUDITOR – An individual who attends the Judges Licensing Conference but does not intend to become a judge. The Auditor can write the exam and attend the second day of training to practice with live animals. Time permitting, the Auditor can do placings and give reasons on the third day.

Should an Auditor choose to become a Licensed Judge Candidate during the JLC, they should discuss it with the Coordinator. Ø An Auditor, wishing to be eligible to become a Candidate must pay the full Judging JLC fees prior to writing the test on day 2 and are required to complete all classes.

CGS Apprentice Judge – Attending their first conference Ø Are eligible to judge sanctioned shows, which are not designated as National Shows.

An apprentice judge is defined as follows: A Candidate who achieves a score of 70 to 75 % or above on both, the written Exam, Placings, Presentation and Accuracy.

A Candidate who achieves a score of 70 to 75 % or above on both the written exam and placing/oral classes and is attending their first conference will be an Apprentice Judge for the first two years of their licensing tenure. – NOT eligible to judge National Shows – Extensions are not allowed.

CGS Full Judge

  • A full judge is one who achieves a score of 75% or more on the written exam, placings, presentation and accuracy at their 2nd or subsequent JLC.
  • No extensions will be allowed.
  • During this period, if extenuating circumstances make it impossible to attend a training conference, your accumulated years will not be cancelled providing you attend the next conference, not to exceed more than 2 years from the missed conference. During this period your license will not be considered renewed and will be temporarily suspended until successful completion of the next licensing conference
  • Full judges can judge a CGS National show.

CGS Senior Judge  A Senior Judge is defined as one who has held a CGS Full Judges License for a minimum period of 8 years, having judged in the eight year time frame a minimum of 8 sanctioned shows and who has successfully passed at least four previous JLC’S as a fully licensed judge.

  • Apprentice Judges are not included in the total number of years as a full judge.
  • Senior Judges are required to apply for and attend a Licensing conference every two years to review and participate in the last two days of the JLC.
  • Senior Judges must remit the licensing fee by the deadline required.
  • Open Book Test must be completed during the JLC. Ø Senior Judges may apply in writing for an extension of a license under extenuating circumstances, in which case the Board of Directors will review the information and make a decision whether an extension is warranted. If an extension is not granted, the senior judge will not lose their tenure unless a period of 4 years or 2 consecutive JLC’S have been missed.
  • Senior Judge must still have sent in their application and paid required fees by the deadline. (Example: If missed in 2017 you must attend 2023)
  • Senior judges can judge a CGS National show

CGS Advanced Judge:

An Advanced Judge is considered to be a Senior Judge with 16 years of seniority completed (8 years Full and 8 years Senior). They must have judged a minimum of 12 sanctioned shows before moving to Advance Judge Status. Completed at this Status means, at senior status they must have fulfilled their duty by attending the regular scheduled JLC’s

  • Must attend at least ONE JLC in FIVE years. Ø They must assist at any JLCs attended. Ø The Licensing Fee as set by CGS plus HST/GST must still be remitted every two years by the deadline required.
  • Advanced judges can judge a CGS National show.

The following resources, in addition to the already mentioned Policies and Procedures Manual for JLCs are found on the CGS website at www.goats.ca in the SHOWS section.  LINK

  • CGS Show Rules Booklet
  • Scorecards for Bucks and Does
  • Showmanship Card
  • CGS Judges Manual.

One of CGS’ goals is to increase the number of licensed judges.

For some a great starting place is auditing a JLC. The fee to audit a JLC is $75.00 plus appropriate tax in province of residence.

Please encourage attendance as auditors or full participants by anyone you regard as a prospective candidate.   

Should you have questions regarding accommodations during the JLC please contact Tanya McCarthy at longears@yahoo.ca or Ed Cavanagh at bakersroad61@aol.com.

As noted other questions and notifications of attendance are welcomed at CGS.  info@goats.ca .

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