Code of Ethics and Becoming a CGS Director

For a number of months the CGS Board has been working on a Code of Ethics for not only Board members but also staff and other people filling roles for CGS and indeed all members of the association. As of May 2020 the Board is releasing a CGS Code of Ethics. Please take the time to read and consider the content of this document. Reading and agreeing to comply with this code of ethics will become part of the process of applying for a new membership in CGS and also in annual renewing of memberships in CGS, beginning later this year.  

Should you have any questions about meaning of this document please contact your regional director or the CGS office.

An accompanying document outlines some of the skills, mindsets and expectations of those who both stand for election as a Director and subsequently succeed in filling a CGS Board position.

Very soon we will be announcing elections in three regions of the country with a deadline for nominations of June 30, 2020.

This new document will help those who are considering  letting their name stand for election to understand the responsibilities and expectations entailed in the position.



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