Taste the Commitment

On February 15th, Canada’s Agriculture Day, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada launched a digital marketing campaign called Taste the Commitment. The campaign highlights the sector’s efforts to be more resilient, adaptable and sustainable.

Through a series of videos, stories and other resources, Canadians will learn more about the sector’s practices and how Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses are dedicated to bringing responsibly grown food to our table.

We need your help to promote this campaign

There are two easy ways to share:

  1. Follow the #TasteTheCommitment campaign on our channels and amplify our posts:

Facebook: CanadianAgriculture

Instagram: cdn_agriculture

  1. Share the material provided in the marketing toolkit with your followers, so they can see how Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses are thinking of tomorrow.

Thank you for helping AAFC spread the word about how Canadian farmers and agricultural businesses are growing a better future.

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