Statements from CGS

Statements regarding two current topics.

Tanya McCarthy had two goats DNA tested (dam and daughter). DNA results revealed that the animals did not match. Ms. McCarthy presented the actual two DNA results to CGS and CGS immediately started an investigation.  The breeder (Jack Kent) explained the situation of two dams mixing up this one kid after birth. CGS requested that he send in a DNA sample of the other dam. The DNA test results came back as a match of dam and daughter. The pedigrees for Potting Shed Golden Hops and her one progeny have been corrected.

At this point no other DNA evidence has been presented to CGS.

The situation of the three bucks co-owned by Tanya McCarthy and Jack Kent and two bucks owned by Jack Kent  is a civil disagreement between the two parties and has been resolved between them and their legal representatives.  As it only involved transfers of ownership and service certificates to cover animals bred by members of the McCarthy family, it in no way affects the pedigrees of any animals.

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