Report of the September Meeting of the CGS Board

The latest CGS Board meeting was held on the evening of Friday, September 24, 2021.

Participants: Ed Cavanagh; Karen Cavanagh; Sandy Howell; Callum McLeod; Arnie Steeves; Susan Frazer and Russell Gammon

Regrets: Catherine Lord

In terms of finance, CGS actual investments have now reached $20,000. The board agreed that moving forward at least $25,000 would be needed in ongoing investments to ensure there are enough finances for changes and development.

New Business

A discussion regarding the growth of Nigerian Dwarf popularity was had. Within the past two years Nigerian Dwarf owners have been very active in One Day Milk testing participation. The Secretary Manager will provide comparisons of activity levels by breed to the Board before their next meeting.  

A draft letter regarding a request for a copy of breeding records from one member in each region had been circulated and reviewed. The letter was to be sent immediately to six members. By Oct 22 responses and information had been received from all six members.  

Regarding work with Heritage Livestock Canada on a genetic diversity project the request for samples from each breed for testing  is out in public.

The Steering Committee for the Integrated Database project has been very active since inception last year. Hopefully an announcement re funding sources can be made soon.

There are definite plans to move forward in the relaunch of classification in 2022.


A call for nominations to host a Judges Licensing Conference will be made in a newsletter/Facebook/website.

With only two conferences required, it was decided that it would be best if they were located within West and Central Canada. The deadline for applications for nominations to host will be January 31, 2022. A letter will be sent to all current licensed judges when locations/times are determined.


The 2022 AGM of the CGS will be held Saturday February 19,2022 by Zoom. Initial notice of the meeting will be made in the October newsletter with full notice in the December newsletter.

Work on by-laws amendments will be re-ignited. Board members were asked to study the recently revised by laws of the Canadian Speckle Park Association as an example of concise, well-worded by-laws.

Work will continue for information and applications for Select Doe Awards, Master Breeder and Silver Master Breeder on the CGS website.

2021 Annual Meeting minutes will be loaded to the website.


The next CGS board meeting will be held on Friday, October 29th at 8:00pm EST.

Prepared by Ontario Director Karen Cavanagh

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