Report of the CGS Board Meeting, December 2021

This meeting took place via our Zoom account.

Present:  Sandy Howell, President; Susan Frazer; Callum McLeod; Arnie Steeves; staff-Russell Gammon .

Regrets: Catherine Lord; Ed Cavanagh; Karen Cavanagh.

The Board approved a motion to send a letter of intent to withdraw from use of the registry services of CLRC as of December 31, 2022.

Work proceeds on investigating options for other service providers and also working with industry partners and CLRC on plans for a new operating system at CLRC. Time will tell if the notice of intent will be actioned. The letter was sent before December 31, 2021.

The Board approved a motion to have RLB, Robinson, Lott and Brohman carry out the review of CGS 2021 financial performance.

With regard to fees for One Day/Star M milk testing the first two tests in any calendar year will be at regular fees, any third non-selective tests will be performed at no charge by CGS.

A motion was approved regarding classification fees for 2022 to improve cost recovery for any classification service provided.

2022 fees will be:

Site fee:  $300.00

Fee for applications submitted after the deadline of MARCH 31, 2022: $200.00

Cancellation Fee:  $100.00

Applicants will also estimate the number of animals they expect to classify and submit fees for them at time of application.

First twenty animals   $20.00 per head.

21st to 49th animal $17.50 per head.

50th animal and above : $10.00 per head.

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