This meeting took the form of conference call. Board members, with the exception of Raynald Dube, took part.

The meeting was chaired by President Sandy Howell.

After approval of the agenda and minutes of the December Board meeting ongoing and new business was discussed.

Secretary-Manager Russell Gammon noted that interest in hard copies of the new code of practice for the care and handling of goats had been strong with many copies already distributed to members at the time of the meeting. Board members Sandy Howell, Susan Frazer and Chris Grab asked for mailing of multiple copies to each of them so they had an inventory on hand. This was done after the meeting with great pleasure.

Noted that the letter of intent to CLRC re possible departure from there services had not been sent in December but had been sent in early January. CLRC had acknowledged receipt. Gammon had had a very positive phone conversation with CLRC Manager Brian Sullivan about the letter and the relationship between CLRC and CGS.

Bank account balances at the time of the meeting.

Chequing: $8,084.31

Savings: $44,169.98

Investments plus interest earned and recorded at maturity: $55,000 plus interest.

Account tied to revenue at CLRC: $15,914.39

CGS had received a partial application for a Judges Licensing Conference (JLCs) in Ontario in the spring of 2023. The Board asked that a complete application be forwarded. This request was passed along to the hosts/sponsors and a completed form was received.

The Board also noted that any JLCs held in 2023 would follow the current policies and procedures manual, with all costs of JLCs the responsibility of the hosts/sponsors. Fees for participating would be sent to CGS. These messages were transmitted to the hosts/sponsors who had contacted CGS.

Chris Grab and Jonathan Dugdale reported that work was progressing on new modules for JLCs and that a portion of 2023 would be needed to complete all modules and refine the process for delivery of JLCs.

Work was continuing on the Yearbook for members at meeting time. Searches were on for any obituaries of members and industry partners, the fee schedule will be included, reports form directors were being finalized, and reports of permanent champions and 305 day production award winners were being accessed.

Members had contacted CGS re standards for Nigerian Dwarf size/stature and comparison with American Dairy Goat Association standards.  Suggestions for actions on this topic included surveys of the membership on the matter; a deep dive into history of standards in Canada; consideration of standards for other breeds under the CGS umbrella, with definitive action in 2023.

Outstanding registry processing issues were discussed briefly.

Chris Grab expressed pleasure that Board meetings were being held in shorter time periods.

Decisions regarding timing of February Board meetings in advance of the Annual Meeting were moved to a poll of availability for all Board members.

Meeting was adjourned just under one hour and ten minutes from commencement on a motion by Chris Grab.

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