The CGS Board met by zoom on April 12th. All six current Board members were in attendance and participating.

President Sandy Howell chaired the meeting.

Topics addressed during the meeting:

  • Following the creation of a vacancy on the CGS Board for the province of Quebec all current CGS members in Quebec were contacted to determine if they wished to submit an expression of interest in filling the position.  Raynald Dube from Ange Gardien had submitted an expression of interest. The Board approved a motion appointing Mr. Dube to fill the position and complete the current term.
  • After the March Board meeting all current CGS Licensed Judges had been invoiced for renewal fees. The Board received an update on the volume of renewals-the meeting was held prior to the deadline for payment of fees.
  • The Board has recognized a need to review and potentially revise the Policy and Procedure Manual for CGS Judges Licensing Conferences. After both JLCs for 2022 have been held a working group led by Director Chris Grab will conduct the review and propose revisions.
  • A report was received on the upcoming JLC West scheduled for mid-May in Alberta. A motion was approved to have the exam, which is always part of the process available for completion online for the first time, with hard copies available also.
  • Ongoing investigations into the future of registry systems and service for CGS had yielded some fresh information. This information was shared with other small ruminant groups involved in registry services and discussions continue.
  • An application to host a JLC in Ontario in October was reviewed.
  • A complaint and accompanying fees were received by CGS from a member regarding violation of Section 25 of the CGS by-laws. The Board of CGS investigated the matter and found the complaint to be correct. The Board approved a motion that parties against whom the complaint was made will be denied the privilege of renewing a CGS membership or becoming a CGS member during 2022.
  • The Canadian Nigerian Dwarf Association had created a valuable Buyers’ Guide document and made it available for use by CGS. This offer was accepted and the document will be shared by CGs for educational purposes especially for first time and newer buyers and owners of registered goats.
  • A progress report on plans for a 2022 CGS Yearbook publication was delivered. First step in the process is a contest to find a superb cover photo for the publication. The contest involving goat-related photos is now open. Entries are to be sent to the CGS email address by August 31, 2022. At upcoming Board meetings rates for advertising will be determined.
  • The Board requested establishment of a calendar of upcoming events and deadlines on the CGS website at . (Now available on the website.)
  • The Board reviewed a proposed and detailed CGS Youth Recognition Program developed by a committee led by directors Tanya McCarthy and Jonathan Dugdale. Work will proceed on this topic toward full introduction of the program.
  • In answer to questions about adding breeds to the herd book of CGS the Board asked that direction be provided to owners of animals of these breeds on the process for recognizing them, and also direction on whether the breed is best suited for the CGS herd book or the Canadian Meat Goat Association herd book.
  • CGS finances to March 31, 2022 were reviewed along with current bank and investment balances at the time of the meeting.

Next meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

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