Commentary of Letter of Intent to CLRC

At their December board meeting the CGS board passed a motion to forward a letter to CLRC expressing intent to withdraw from our business relationship with CLRC effective December 31, 2022. A letter of intent does not mean that CGS will withdraw from our relationship with CLRC at the end of 2022. However; it does open up that option and guarantees that any possible cost of leaving the relationship will be minimized. Leaving a relationship without the appropriate one year’s notice can result in very high costs of withdrawal.

CGS has been working with other small ruminant industry partners, including CLRC, on an Integrated Genetic Databases project. The group of partners were successful in obtaining over $400,000 in government funding over three years. The Steering Committee of this group, including CLRC identified as a top priority analysis of CLRC’s current operating system including the possibility of replacement. CGS has been part of supporting this work as CLRC and the Steering Committee address replacement of the current CLRC system.

Goals in this work are twofold:

  1. To significantly reduce the cost of service charged by CLRC to member associations. This cost must be factored into registry fees charged to members of each association.
  2. Improve the efficiency of processing of registry work further.

CGS regards both of these goals as both important and wise as they will have a direct impact on any member submitting registry work for processing.

 In addition the CGS Board made a decision to conduct independent investigations into other options for registry service delivery.

This is wise and prudent because the level of service, and cost of service, provided to members is of paramount importance.  

No organization should ever simply accept the status quo as the only option.

The decision made by the Board of Directors came about after extensive investigations of the current situation and options.

If continuing to work with CLRC is the best option as of January 1, 2023 then that path will be followed.

All decisions are made with the best interests of members foremost in mind.

Should further communication be desired members should contact their representative on the CGS Board.

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