Adjustment to CGS Fee Schedule

In mid-November the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation informed their member associations that the unit charge for processing registry work was increasing by 2%.

The Board of each member organization thus had to consider how they would respond to this news.

In late 2019 member associations were informed that the unit charge for processing work at CLRC was increasing by 17%. This provoked a detailed examination of the CGS fee schedule and some noticeable adjustments to fees were made.

The CGS Board carefully considered the latest news of the 2% fee increase from CLRC.

Their decision was to implement a very modest increase in fees, as of January 2021, to ensure that CGS was staying ahead of increased processing costs.

They prefer this route to periodic larger increases in fees.

CGS worked with CLRC to review proposed changes to allow CLRC time to program the changes and update our fee schedule.  

Any registry work submitted electronically or mailed by December 31st will be processed based on the current fee schedule.

Work submitted electronically, or mailed, on or after January 1, 2021 will be processed based on the new fee schedule.

Should you have any questions please contact your local director or the CGS office.   

The fee schedule will be available on the CGS website at under INFO and LINKS or via the CLRC website at and on the CGS page under Associations.

CGS’ Board is determined to operate the association on a businesslike basis.


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