2023 CGS Yearbook

Yes, a very exciting 2023 CGS Yearbook has been in the planning stages and now we are more than ready to go!

This publication will be a very valuable means of promoting your herd and breeding program and genetic value of your animals!

This summary will include a presentation of production award winners for 2022 and will also highlight winners of Permanent Championships in the showring in 2022 and winners of other CGS awards for individual animals plus informative and educational articles regarding CGS program and services. In essence an overflowing cornucopia of information on the CGS breeds of goats in Canada.   

Please see the information re advertising rates below.

Please also note that the appropriate amount of HST or GST for your province must be added over and above  payment for the ad.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding reservations for and payment for ads by DECEMBER 1, 2022 and receiving your ad copy by DECEMBER 15, 2022!

Be part of and get ready for an epic publication!

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