The CGS Board is thrilled to announce that Kerry O’Donnell of Calder, Saskatchewan will begin service with the association as Secretary-Manager on July 3, 2023.

Ms. O’Donnell brings a wealth of practical experience and service in leadership positions within the livestock industry to the position.

In addition to her agricultural endeavours Kerry has served as a Registered Nurse with the Saskatchewan Health Authority for almost four decades.

Kerry and her family own and manage all work on a mixed livestock operation where sheep, cattle, meat and dairy goats are part of the enterprise.  

In the agricultural arena Kerry has served for over fifteen years on the Canadian Meat Goat Association (CMGA) board

as a representative of the Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association (SGBA). This service has included terms on the Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF) board as a representative of both CMGA and SGBA. Within CNGF activities and work have included development of the On-Farm Food Safety program for goats, work on traceability, the Scrapie committee of CNGF. Kerry has CMGA Judge’s License and has been involved in development of a type evaluation program for meat goats. She has also been a CGS member in the past and participated in CGS genetic improvement programs, thus knows their operation and value.  She is familiar with the roles and services of CLRC from firsthand experience.

Within volunteer positions Kerry has gained valuable experience with accounting, strategic planning, proposal writing and experience as a Board member with time spent as an interim manager of an association. These experiences, knowledge and abilities are going to be extremely valuable in taking CGS activities to the next level!    

Kerry is a perfect individual with a wonderful resume of experiences to work with the Board of CGS, industry partners and members of the association.

As noted Kerry’s work with CGS will begin on July 3, 2023.

Townhall meeting: May 17th

On behalf of CNGF, this townhall is to inform all Canadian goat producers about the upcoming regulation that will can effect in 2025. Currently, the Health of Animals Regulations (Identification and Traceability) is currently open for proposed amendments and this comment period will remain open until June 16, 2023. We encourage anyone with comments to reach attend this townhall to learn more. This regulation is in the final steps to becoming implemented and it is important that as a producer you understand what changes will occur and how to comply with the requirements.

Meeting ID: 814 2801 4730 Passcode: 52239


A vacancy on the CGS Board for a position from Ontario arose this spring.

Ontario members were informed of the vacancy and afforded the opportunity to make nominations to fill the position.

One person, Susan Mangan of Hamilton, Ontario was nominated. The required number of supporting nominations for Ms. Mangan were received by the deadline of May 5th.

Therefore, Ms. Mangan was declared as one of two directors from Ontario.


We are Hiring!

The Canadian Goat Society is in search of a Secretary-Manager. If you or someone you know would be interested in applying please find all the information below or you can download the document here.