This meeting was held via a Zoom call on November 22nd.

The following topics were addressed:

-Entries for the cover photo contest for the 2023 yearbook are being forwarded to the Yearbook committee for review.

-The 2023 Yearbook will be sent to all 2022 members and to any new members with memberships before mailing time.

-The third CGS newsletter of 2022 will contain the notice of the Annual General Meeting on February 18, 2023.

-All certificates for championship show legs or Star M milk awards will be mailed the week of November 21st.

-Work is underway with the investment counsellor at our financial institution to increase the interest rate earned on our investment portfolio. Great success is being obtained!

-Movement on final approval of our new Youth Program is proceeding. The components of the program will be released on the CGS website and in the 2023 Yearbook.

-Reports from each director re activities in their region will be included in the 2023 yearbook.

-A successful meeting of our classifiers’ team was held at the very end of October. The team came up with many recommendations for consideration by the Board and the Board is in the process of responding to the thoughtful recommendations. There was extensive discussion re the recommendations during this online meeting. The Classification team has volunteered to review all documents relating to the program to ensure that there is consistency of message across the materials and that no key points are missed.

-The Board engaged in follow up discussion on a special meeting held earlier in the month regarding proposed by-law amendments to ensure all steps are being taken so that the amendments can be discussed by members at the AGM in February.

-Work is beginning on a full review of the policies and procedures manual for Judges Licensing Conferences. A report of the working group led by Chris Grab and Jonathan Dugdale will be presented at the December Board meeting.


This meeting took the form of a Zoom call.

The following reporting, discussion and decision-making took place:

-The Secretary-Manager reported that a date of October 30th had been set for a meeting with the classification team to review the past year and make recommendations for forward motion.

-Follow up work on a modest number of overdue accounts receivable has taken place and will continue until all funds have been received by CGS.

-In an upcoming newsletter notice will be provided of a board decision that, going forward CGS newsletters will be distributed to all members with a valid email address on file at CLRC unless they indicate a desire for mailing of a hard copy of newsletters. For those without valid email addresses at CLRC newsletters will be mailed.    

-The Board reviewed a number of recommendations for action by the Pedigree Committee and approved them.

-A motion was made and approved to forward $400 to the Canadian National Goat Federation as a contribution toward additional funding needs for the production of a new National Code of Practice for goats.

-The 2022 Eastern Judges Licensing Conference (JLC) had been held in Central Ontario just before the October Board meeting. A report from the Coordinator had bene received and additional comments were received from Board members who had been present at the conference. A process of reviewing and possibly revising the Policies and Procedures manual for JLCs will begin and report back to the Board.


-Some initial action has taken place by the Animal Registration Officer at Agriculture and Agrifood Canada regarding providing guidance to breed associations on content of by-laws and matters that can be addressed by associations via policies and procedures manuals.

-The Youth Committee has actively revising their proposal for a National Youth Program.

-The Board was informed that proposed amendments to CGS by-laws would be forthcoming.


This meeting took the form of a Zoom call.

Topics discussed included:

-The Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF) has been the lead organization for a total revision of the National Code of Practice for Goats. They reported to industry goat associations that there had been an over run in costs of producing the new version of the Code. They were looking to allied goat associations for financial assistance in covering the over run in costs. The CGS Board considered this request. They requested a tally of support from other associations before making a decision on support from CGS.

-A status report on both the level of CGS investments and the current bank account balances. Successful efforts are being made to increase interest income as anniversary dates for investments are reached.  A study of levels of financial resources  touched off a discussion of upcoming expenses, levels of fees for services and prospects for expanding the CGS investment portfolio. No definite decisions were taken on any of these topics at the September meeting. The discussion of future direction for the association’s programs and business activity was however; very helpful.

-Planning for the 2023 AGM in February was in motion at the time of the meeting.

-In order to stimulate further action on new activities two committees from within the Board were struck.  One, for the 2023 Yearbook includes Tanya McCarthy, Raynald Dube, Susan Frazer and Jonathan Dugdale.  The other committee working on a Youth Program includes Chris Grab, Jonathan Dugdale and Tanya McCarthy.


-In reviewing challenges with processing of certain items of registry work the Board decided to call upon the services of the pedigree committee. The composition and role of this committee is defined in CGS by-laws.

-From time to time incorrect information regarding the identity of animals can appear on Reports of Awards (ROAs) for sanctioned shows. A member had requested that steps be taken to revise show rules such that when inaccuracies or missing information re animals appeared on ROAs a process be developed for correction of this information so that animals would still receive championship legs. The Board approved a process whereby inaccuracies or omissions are identified, correct information is supplied and the respective Judge, Show Secretary, Show Chairman and Exhibitor sign a form noting the inaccuracies and information needed. When these steps are completed championship leg awards will be processed.

-Notice was provided that classifiers would meet in late October to discuss functioning of the 2022 program and make recommendations for Board consideration regarding revisions ot the program and ongoing improvements.